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A good museum makes
“a positive difference in the quality of people’s lives.”
Stephen E. Weil
Making Museums Matter, 2002


From Wendy Luke


“The economy is driving museums to find a new normal. More than ever it is important to retain the staff whose expertise is needed now and when the economic market recovers – and also your high producers (not the staff who look busy) who willingly work across departments and serve the museum’s outside and inside customers.”

Mission-Driven Employee Test

Find out how important your mission really is to your employees.

Scoring: (4) Frequently, (3) Sometimes, (2) Rarely, (1) Never

Do your employees: Score
Work to meet critical deadlines…  
Fight about issues, not personalities…  
Share information willingly…  
Work across departments…  
Acknowledge good performance and criticize constructively…  

If your score is: 18–20, you have mission-driven employees; 17–14, reinforcing your institution’s mission might have a big payoff; 13 and below, your employees need a lot of help.

To learn more, please contact me. Also you might read Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em by Kaye and Jordan-Evans and First, Break All the Rules by Buckingham and Coffman from my Recommended Reading list.